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We’re Russell Marketing, a launch marketing agency

From crowdfunding and pre-order to Amazon and e-commerce. We help entrepreneurs create and scale powerful marketing systems that turn strangers into prospects, customers, and lifelong advocates.



A revolutionary personal weather system

$2,150,075 Raised

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The Pocket-Sized Barista

$1,601,009 Raised

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OneClock: Wake Up Better

Analog timepiece with waking music based in science

$1,012,474 Raised

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A Wind Turbine That Fits In Your Backpack


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The First Plug & Play Graphics Processor

$803,151 Raised

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Crua Koala V2

Record Breaking Hammock- Improved

$743,842 Raised

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Comet Smart Nightstand

The only nightstand you’ll ever need

$715,264 Raised

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Tula Mic

USB microphone & mobile recorder

$412,844 Raised

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AI-Powered Earbuds with Solar Charging

$401,782 Raised

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The First Spillproof & Washable Rug

$335,552 Raised

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ProSounds H2P

Get Up To 6x Normal Hearing

$297,446 Raised

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AI-Powered Smart Mirror for your home

$341,567 Raised

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Wool & Oak

The World’s First Duffle Suitcase

$811,196 Raised

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GI Fly Bike

The first e-bike to fold in one second

$771,064 Raised

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Your smart productivity tool

$308,495 AUD Raised

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The timepiece designed to change the way you see your day

$284,702 Raised

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Crua AER

The Roof Top Tent: Reimagined

$265,444 Raised

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Sheets & Giggles™

Absurdly Soft Eucalyptus Bedding

$261,902 Raised

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Air Sling

The World’s First Cutproof Sling Bag

$250,842 Raised

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Unlimited time lapse photography solution

€238,687 Raised

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Packs Like a Box, Carries Like a Bag

$223,927 Raised

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The universal cable that fast charges all USB-C PD devices

$214,116 Raised

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The Only Charging Cable You’ll Ever Need

$197,984 Raised

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The Quisby

New Orleans’ newest and most notorious hostel.

$192,623 Raised


The Self-Sealing, Self-Changing Trash Can

$178,191 CAD Raised

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Ready Travel

Good Looking Smart Carry-on

$173,074 Raised

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Smart Projector for movies, video calls, and apps

$170,271 Raised

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Standards Manual

1977 EPA Graphic Standards System reissue

$169,424 Raised

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Go Sling Pro

The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Bag

$160,718 Raised

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Revolar Instinct

No-Fee, Discreet Personal Safety

$158,381 Raised

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The Car Seat 25x Smaller Than A Booster

$157,404 Raised

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Aria Air Mask

Premium look & air filtration

$154,974 SGD Raised

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Alpha Sling

The World’s Lightest Bag for Tablets

$154,223 Raised

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Your Private Space for Relaxation

$146,982 Raised

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World’s First Lightweight Backpack Chair

$141,935 Raised

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Bioelectronic Allergy Sinus Pain Solution

$141,639 Raised

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Retro Design Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

$140,250 Raised

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GPS bike tracker. Fits in frame.

$134,587 Raised

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Knife Robot

World’s First Auto Knife Sharpener

$121,684 Raised

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Cabaro Swiss Watches

Classic, But Different

$103,532 AUD Raised

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Xmera Bionic Bike

Retro cafe racer hybrid e-bike

$101,041 Raised

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Casper Board

Burn Calories and Focus at Work

$85,789 Raised

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Let’s Cure Cancer Together

$79,777 Raised

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One Tap Time Tracking

$74,247 AUD Raised

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WOW Sound

The ultimate outdoor, portable speaker

$70,705 Raised

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Standards Manual

1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual

$68,404 Raised

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I-Ride Technologies

Next Gen eBoard That Fits In Your Backpack

$54,632 Raised

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Box Synergy

Always Have Power Wherever You Go

$54,595 Raised

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We create targeted advertising campaigns that acquire, engage, and convert your target audience.

These campaigns move your prospects from one stage of the buyer journey to the next, while we test and optimize your funnel.


We develop communication sequences to deliver to the right prospects at the right time.

Using email, ads, and messenger bots, the sequences advance your prospects from cold leads to raving advocates.


Our unique launch strategies and digital engagement systems are perfectly suited to crowdfunding.

So it’s no surprise that we’re recommended by both Indiegogo and Kickstarter as an expert digital marketing partner.


I’ve worked in marketing for years and I’ve never seen this level of organization, execution, and follow through.

Rob Gregg
CEO & Founder at Gales

Russell Marketing is an incredible reflection of what it means to work as a team, to achieve success, together.

Rachel Carr
CMO at Aurea Technologies

We hired Russell to do the digital marketing for our recent Indiegogo campaign. I can’t say enough good things about them. They’re consummate professionals. They’re patient and hardworking and their strategies really worked. If you’re looking for a marketing company, look no further. You won’t find better than Russell.

David Brown
Founder at Tula Mics

I’ve been working with Russell Marketing for the past 3 years on various types of consumer projects. They are straightforward, have clear plans and explain the good, bad and the ugly. You’ll get honest feedback and good solutions to drive your digital marketing programs forward.

Ronjini Joshua
Founder at The Silver Telegram

Will and team were excellent across the board. A ton of market insight and specific recommendations before, during, and after our campaigns. They were extremely diligent and detail oriented for campaign setup and management. While live, they went above and beyond with real-time updates to maximize the dollars spent. They were always quick to respond, ranging from early in the AM to over the weekend. You can also count on an honest, realistic, and straightforward assessment on the numbers, something rare to find in this space!

Chris Keith
Founder at redrO

We couldn’t have picked a better company to run Zygo’s Indiegogo campaign. Russell Marketing offers the right mix of proven experience, creative direction, and marketing strategy, run by great people who respond instantly and maintain a cool head in what can be a chaotic industry. They take pride in their work and felt like genuine members of our team for those few months.

Charlie Melvoin
Co-Founder at Zygo

Russell Marketing has been influential and the best-data driven marketing agency we’ve worked with. Highly recommended for data-savvy, analytics driven companies.

Eddy Zhong
Co-founder at Pearl

I’ve worked with Will and his team on a number of product launches over the last few years, for clients such as Standards Manual and Tiller. Their advertising and communication strategies play an important role in ensuring successful launches, and they have proven to be strong partners. If you’re looking for a team that can drive great results from digital advertising and very enjoyable to work with, I’d highly recommend them.

Alex Daly, the “Crowdsourceress”
Founder at VannAlexandra

It was a great pleasure to have partnered with Russell Marketing, they know their onions when it comes to marketing. They’re extremely result driven, communicative, and were even always available to offer advise outside of their scope of work throughout the campaign. Looking forward to partnering with them again.

Adedayo Charis
Founder at VOLTA

The only crowdfunding agency that actually knows what the hell they’re doing. In a sea of predatory and talentless people trying to steal a percentage of your hard work, Russell Marketing is an oasis. They blew me away with their existing knowledge base, long hours to match mine, and data-driven approach to our launch. Our campaign was 1,000% funded, and Russell Marketing earned every penny that we paid them for their performance. 10/10, would hire again.

Colin McIntosh
Founder at Sheets & Giggles

Will guided us through a campaign that was specific to our business and bridged the gaps where we lacked expertise. His planning, advice, and execution resulted in a product launch that went well beyond our expectations.

Jesse Reed
Co-Founder at Standard Manuals

Russell Marketing did a great job of helping us to understand the important role digital marketing can play our project, and created a targeted, strategic campaign. We particularly appreciated their transparency and methodical approach. If you’re launching a new product, we’d highly recommend working with them.

Ed Thompson
Co-Founder at Tiller

As a small nonprofit, Will’s expertise in marketing has launched us to heights we had never dreamed of. His work has helped grow our audience, our revenues, and actually saved lives by providing those in need resources to find help.

Kirk Smalley
President at Stand for the Silent

I started working with Russell Marketing before launching my hostel. We’ve continued to work with Will and his team because of their expertise and professionalism. They know exactly what it takes to increase revenue and they do not deal in excuses, only results.

David Gindin
General Manager at The Quisby

We appreciate all your guys help, excitement, and deep involvement in marketing our campaign. We’ll be sure to refer you to anyone and everyone and hope to work with you again in the future.

Brad Gausewitz
CTO at I-Ride Technologies

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Russell Marketing with incredible results! They’re strategic, enthusiastic, and flexible. They’re also transparent – something you don’t get from agencies that are more concerned about getting you on retainer than really working for your success. Will and his team go above and beyond. I highly recommend working with them!

Hilda Perez

I’ve been working with Russell Marketing for the past 3 or so years on various types of consumer projects. The team is well-versed in digital. You’ll get honest feedback and good solutions to drive your digital marketing programs forward.

Ronjini Joshua
Founder at The Silver Telegram


Will Russell
Founder & CEO

Valerie Blomberg
Director of Client Success

Gabriel Mangabeira
Growth Manager

Ruth Hamberg
Account Manager

Aisha Khalid

Renny Krieg
Advertising Specialist

Aish Unnithan
Digital Specialist

Rachel Dawson
UX Designer


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