AI Tools For Crowdfunding: Power Your Launch

No doubt you’ve noticed how rapidly AI is taking over various industries. From healthcare to finance to engineering and more, AI’s growth has been phenomenal.

One industry still in the very early stages of AI is crowdfunding. Looking at the two big rewards-based crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter AI and Indiegogo AI is in the very early days.

That said, there are some excellent AI tools for crowdfunding. is an incredible AI-powered writing tool that can help you draft copy for your crowdfunding launch, such as ad copy, email copy, and campaign page copy.

With its advanced NLP algorithm and useful prompts, it’s the best tool we’ve found so far in helping our copywriters draft a lot of copy for testing, quickly. Does it replace a top-notch copywriter? No. However, from ad headlines to FAQs, email subject lines to landing page copy structures, it can help your team do more in less time.

Canva Magic Design

Magic Design is an AI-powered design generation tool that lets you input any media or text, and transforms it into customized design templates that match the content and context you need, such as campaign page header graphics, timeline graphics, ad graphics and reward graphics.

We’ve found that Magic Design requires a bit of practice and some level of design experience to really make it work for you. A design newbie may not have the branding experience to know what they should be looking for in assessing the designs created by the tool, nor the elements they should prioritize with inputs. It’s also unlikely to be able to create all the assets you’d need, such as some of the specific elements of a campaign page. That said, it’s a fantastic tool for those with a small budget and a lot of time.


Unbounce is a landing page tool that has a released a few really neat AI features to help marketers optimize more quickly.

AI smart traffic allows the platform to optimize your traffic and page variations to increase your conversion rate, AI copywriter helps you generate, remix, and expand content in seconds, and AI smart builder enables you to build pages faster with automated copy and design suggestions. We’ve tried every landing page builder under the sun and nothing compares. It’s been a critical tool for our launches for years now.


Perkfection is a neat little tool that automates your rewards on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to drive urgency and increase conversion rates. We’ve been using Perkfection for a while now and found it incredibly valuable, particularly on day one of your launch and the final day of your campaign.


Klaviyo is now the only email and SMS tool we recommend for crowdfunding creators and the one we use with all our clients. It uses AI, analytics and data science to personalize communications to your prospects, create content for those communications, and predict the future engagement of your prospect lists.

While it takes data and time to perform at its best (as does any artificial intelligence), even those starting with zero subscribers and a brand new product will quickly see the benefits.

As technology continues to advance, AI tools will play an increasingly vital role in helping entrepreneurs and startups navigate the complexities of crowdfunding campaigns.  We’re looking forward to seeing crowdfunding-specific AI tools hit the market, so that we, and all creators, can deliver more success with crowdfunding launch campaigns.